How to Create a Website That Your Customers Don’t Want to Click Away From

A well-designed website is an important operating tool for any business. These days, most people will have their first contact with your business online. If you have a brick and mortar shop, they will look at your website for basic information before they walk in the door. If you are part of the online economy, it is especially important for you to have a site that keeps customers connected.

Why Does It Matter?

The more time a potential customer spends at your site, the more likely it is that they will make a purchase or use your service. Once they have made that first interaction, you’ll want to ensure that your site promotes customer retention. It’s been shown that existing consumers spend more than new ones. If your site is informative and easy to use, it is more likely that customers will keep returning to it rather than searching for other businesses to meet their needs. If your website is also interactive and relevant, your customers will check in with it frequently.

Simplicity Is a Good Thing

The possibilities for web design have grown over the years, and it is tempting to think that a flashy site will attract more customers. An interesting design might get people to glance at your site out of curiosity. However, if the bells and whistles of advanced web design techniques make your site difficult to navigate, consumers may look for a simpler experience. Be certain that your site makes it easy to get to the heart of the matter. When it comes to e-commerce, your website may be a marketing tool, but its primary purpose is to create positive customer interactions and sales.

Solve Problems

People will spend more time on your website if it is helpful for them. If it is the first time someone is viewing a site, that is often because they are dealing with an existing problem. Plumbing websites get most of their hits because a consumer is currently experiencing a plumbing issue. A helpful site might explain how the homeowner can minimize the problem while they wait for the plumber to arrive. Clothes shopping sites can help address consumer needs by making it easy to see colour options or making automatic suggestions about matching items. Anticipating the needs of your customers will make your website a much stronger tool.

Be Relevant

Out-of-date information is a red flag for consumers. It sends the message that the business is not serious about its clients. Many businesses do the hard work of setting up a website but fail to do the maintenance work necessary to keep it relevant. If your business hours change, you need to update that information. If you run a seasonal special, be sure to take down the information once the offer is no longer valid. Old information can lead to annoyance and confusion when upset customers check out thinking they should have been given a reduced price.

Update Content Regularly

In addition to keeping your regular content up to date, you should consider adding extra content on a routine basis. Many companies use weekly or monthly blog posts to provide information related to their business. These regular posts are beneficial for several reasons. For the customer, they can address common questions about your products and services. This makes better-educated consumers. For a business, regularly updated content can improve placement on search results. Many search engines give extra weight to new information. By intentionally adding new content, you can improve the chance that potential customers will find your site when they search the internet.

Interact With Customers

In the move from brick and mortar to e-commerce, personal service can often get lost along the way. Although a website is convenient, many consumers want to know that there is a human being attached to the business. When you design your website, build in a way that customers can communicate with you. Some websites give the opportunity for instant messaging while others focus on email. Regardless of how you choose to communicate, be sure that your communication is responsive. If a customer sends an email, try to give an acknowledgement within a short time.

Your website can also provide an opportunity to connect with customers on social media. Your main site can have links to your larger online presence. This is another place where you can interact with customers and post relevant information. One of the benefits of working with social media is that your loyal customers can become an unofficial marketing team.

Designing your website is an important feature of organizing your business. Your site is part of your brand, representing your company and helping customers know who you are. By putting some thought and care into the design process, you will help your enterprise succeed in the online world.

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