Why Your Business Should Have Its Own Domain Name

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

All modern companies should have a professional website, which is necessary to maintain a strong online presence and grow your business. One thing you will need to create this website, however, is a domain name, which needs to be customized to fit your business. Here is why.

It’s More Professional

The foremost reason to have your own domain name is that it projects a more professional appearance of your business. Your own domain appears much more professional than a subdomain on someone else’s site, such as a social media profile or a free subdomain from a website builder. Your domain is not just important for your website either. If you want to be taken more seriously, you should take steps to set up a professional email address for your business. Professional email addresses linked to your custom domain name can be distributed among your employees and provide the impression, flexibility and features of a much more professional operation.

It Gives You More Control

Having your own domain name gives you more control over your business website. When you have a free subdomain or otherwise do not own your domain name, you cannot move that domain over to another host. This means you are stuck on your existing host, which may eventually start experiencing problems or no longer be able to meet your needs. Changing web hosts at that point will be very complicated and disruptive because customers will no longer easily be able to find you and you might lose revenue. If you do not own your domain, you also may not be able to make important creative decisions about changing information presented on the site or the site’s layout.

It Improves Your SEO

Owned domain names are treated more favourably than subdomains by the search engines and therefore improve your ever-valuable SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it consists of a number of factors that impact your site’s rankings on the major search engines. You want as much exposure as possible on the search engines to bring in more visitor traffic and hopefully see an increase in sales. You can achieve this by avoiding certain things in domain names, such as hyphens, numbers, lots of characters and domains that do not end in .com.

A personalized domain name that you own is a necessity for business websites. It makes your company appear much more professional, affords you the most flexibility and aids in marketing. If you are starting a business, choose the best options from the beginning to improve your likelihood of success.

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