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About WebHostSG

WebHostSG is a web hosting service provider in Singapore. WebHostSG provides reliable and high-performance hosting solutions such as email hosting, website hosting, servers, security and connectivity, all backed by 24/7 expert support.

Our focus is on affordability, performance and security, hence our tagline - Affrodable Fast Secure. WebHostSG is able to deliver on both mass-market hosting services, as well as customised managed hosting solutions.

Singapore's Preferred
Hosting Provider

WebHostSG was founded in 2012, back then we were registered under the name WebHostSG.NET. Between 2012 and 2017 underwent many infrastructure changes, including removing some of the services and business functions it provided. In December 2017, WebHostSG.NET renamed itself simply as WebHostSG.

Late 2018, due to the ever rising physical infrastructure cost in Singapore, WebHostSG partnered with DigitalOcean and OVH to leverage from their robust network connectivity and infrastructure. This allow us to keep our prices competitive yet vastly improve on the performance of the services we provide.

With a team of highly experienced full stack web developer, network engineers and support team, we are able to provide a hosting platform that can effectively serve our clients' needs, and give them reliable solutions quickly, accurately backed by our 24/7 Expert Support.

Why Choose WebHostSG?

Expert Support

WebHostSG invest highly in providing great Expert Support. With support staff that is highly experienced with local Singapore businesses and government agencies to ensure our customers can rely on us to solve any related issues that they may be faced with. We understand that changing web hosting providers can be an unpredictable process; that is why we have a dedicated migration team to ensure that the process is smooth without any unnecessary downtime.

Be ensured that our support team is always there when you need them; you can reach them either via email, live chat or support ticket. Our team of experts will do our best to quickly answer your questions and assist with any difficulties.

Robust Infrastructure

Leveraging from two of the largest Cloud providers, DigitalOcean and OVH, enables us to provide both an efficient and performance-centric hosting platform for our clients. With over 40 datacenters combined globally, and more to come, the possibilities hold no boundaries.

Our engineers are located in Singapore to ensure top performance with continual upgrades and security enhancement to future-proof any technical requirements.


Our core priority is security. Let WebHostSG take care of the advanced monitoring and security setup for your websites and emails. The world is living admidst an ever increasing sophisticated and dangerous global threat. To counter these issues, security as our top-most priority in every aspect of our business activities and services. Rest assured that all your hosting related services are proactively monitored 24/7.

We are committed in keeping up with technology and security, while always maintaining performance, speed for our services and flexibility for our customers.

What you can expect from us


Timely security patches
against the latest


Continual upgrades and
updates to boost
speed and security


Active security monitoring
and timely notifications
on potential threats

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