Email Hosting

Instant Professional Makeover

Your business is unique, make sure your email address is too and personalise your email addresses with your own domain name. For example, using your domain name –

Why choose Professional Email Hosting

Show the world you are professional

Did you know customers are 9x more likely to choose a business with a professional email address? With a memorable, domain-based email account, you’ll promote your company with every message. You can even create additional email addresses — like sales@ or info@ — that deliver messages to your inbox.

Increase business productivity

Simple and reliable email hosting service that allows you to communicate with your customers with your own branded email address. It's just that easy to create and manage email accounts, and use it with different email applications that you are familiar with.

Plans & Pricing

No website? No problem.
Give your business a more professional image with our Email Hosting.



SG$0.95 / Month / Account

Recommended for start-ups, small business owners, freelancers & individuals

5 GB mailbox

Sync Email using POP3 / IMAP

FREE team communication Messenger

Anti-virus Protection

Webmail - View email from any browser

Virus Free Spam Free
Virus Protection

Our advanced anti-virus technology secured your inbox and ensures that you are protected from downloading malware and viruses.

We offer an advanced anti-virus from ClamAV along with spam protection. Our Business Email Hosting protects you from spam barrages that free account users often face.

Team Communication Made Easy

Get Flock for free with all our Business Email Hosting plans. Flock is the perfect app for team communication. It lets your customers connect with their teams more efficiently and increases execution speed. Flock is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are the benefits of Email Hosting?

    Give your business a more professional look with Business Email by branding your regular email ID with your company's domain name (example: Additionally, you also get the benefit of our latest email hosting servers that give you the best uptime, least latency and maximum reliability. Plus, our Business Email Hosting service is provided on the cloud. You can add email accounts as your business grows.

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    How do I use my Webmail interface?

    You can use the white-labelled URL: to access your Webmail account. On the login page, just enter your email address and password.

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    What devices can I access my Webmail from?

    You can access your Business Email from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Our Webmail is built using HTML 5 & JavaScript and is compatible with all major Operating Systems including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and more.

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