NDP 2019 SG Domain Promotion

Celebrating With The Nation.

August is the month where Singapore celebrates it’s National Day! To commemorate Singapore’s 54th birthday, WebHostSG is proud to announce the .SG Domain 2019 Promo.

Register a .SG or .PER.SG Domain for just SG$5.40/year. The promotion will run for the entire month of August, from 1 August 2019 to 31 August 2019.

Build trust and credibility, increase your Google search ranking for localized search results of your Singapore based website. Be uniquely Singapore, use .SG

Use the promo code below during checkout.
Promo Code : SG2019

Register your SG domain here:

Terms and conditions of “.SG Domain 2019 Promo” (the “Promotion”):

1. The Promotion will run from 1st August 2019, 00:00:01 (GMT+0800) until 31st August 2019, 23:59:59 (GMT+0800)(“Term”).

2. The Promotion is only applicable for “.sg” and “”.

3. The Promotion is only valid for first-year registration only.

4. The Promotion is not applicable for domain renewal, domain transfer and registration of two (2) years.

5. The Promotion will be priced at SGD $5.40 for the first year of registration.

6. Both locally-based and foreign-based registrants (with Proxy) are eligible for this promotion.

7. The registration fee under the Promotion will not be refundable.

8. Proxy service is not included in this Promotion, any subscription for proxy is not refundable.

9. The Promotion excludes ALL Premium and Reserved domains.

10. The Promotion cannot be enjoyed with any other existing offers and promotion from WebHostSG.

11. An individual or entity will not be able to register more than 50 names in a single month under the Promotion.

12. All prevailing registration policies (including but not limited to the Registrant Agreement, the Registration Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, and the SDRP) should still be adhered to.

13. WebHostSG reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

14. WebHostSG reserves the right to terminate this Promotion at any time and reserves the right to charge the shortfall if there is any violation of the above rules.

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4 Things Your Business Absolutely Needs to Maintain Great Online Presence

Singapore Science Museum viewpoint

Businesses today have an incredibly difficult time surviving without an online presence. Yet, developing that presence is time-consuming and can be painful when you have so many other things to worry about. Here are the four parts of building an online presence along with tips to help you build a better online presence than your competitors.

A Blog

Your blog is the perfect place to engage customers with well-crafted content. Ensure that your blog lines up with the goals of your website. Never write a blog post without having an end goal that you would like the viewer to complete in mind. Just like your products should help your customers solve problems, so should your blog. While you do not need to worry about using exact keywords, be as thorough as possible when writing your content. Think about the type of content that will connect with your targeted audience the best. You may want to incorporate a video, an infographic or some other item. Great photography helps bring your blog to life and pictures help to make an emotional impact on viewers. According to Whittington Consulting, your blog is also a great way to prove that your business is socially responsible. If you need help with your blog, then ask for help. We can help your blog posts provide insightful tips or encourage feedback or even incite action.

Google My Business

Google My Business should be an essential part of your online presence. That way, when a customer enters your company name, your contact information and your reviews show up instantly, covering about 50 percent of the search engine results page. Getting an account is as simple as asking Google for it and confirming your contact information. In fact, if you operate more than one brick-and-mortar location, claim the listing for each of your physical locations. While it may seem tedious, it is highly important to fill out your profile completely. Without stuffing, use as many words as you can that real customers would use to describe your business in the description. 

Additionally, you can post up to three short blog posts directly on your Google My Business. This is a great place to let your customers know what is new with your business. When you claim your Google My Business account, customers automatically see your reviews. According to Podium, a vast majority of people (84% to be exact) trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends, so make sure that you are getting good reviews by offering a good product at a reasonable cost with great customer service.

Social Media

According to The Content Factory, your business needs to be on social media to be seen. Potential customers will read what others have to say about your business before they choose to do business with you. Your customers leaving positive feedback on social media is a very valuable form of word-of-mouth advertising. Make sure to engage with your customers by thanking them for their positive reviews. While you will want to keep arguments off your page, if you get negative or neutral feedback, thank those customers too. When possible, direct message them to see if you can do something to make them change their mind about your company. Since some websites allow users to edit their reviews, you could potentially turn a negative review into a positive one. 

Additionally, you need to constantly be active wherever your customers will be looking. This helps build your credibility. Great reviews on and off social media, a well-organized, active website, and an industry-wide positive reputation may help you find your way into Google’s Local Packs.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Your online presence should also include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You have full control of your budget when you use this form of advertising. Your ads are shown to targeted customers who are more likely to be interested in your services. PPC advertising often offers a great return on investment that can be easily measured. Start with Google, as your ad has the possibility of showing up on over 300 different sites. Then, you can expand to other options like Bing if you desire. Watch your character count on each line so that you can entice as many customers to click on your ads as possible. Always do A/B testing to prove which ads are performing the best.

Concentrating on these four items lets you build an online presence connecting with your target audience. You need to be consistent in your efforts to have the best results. Consider letting us help you create an editorial calendar today.
To build an online presence, you’ll need to have a website. We can help! Check out our web hosting plans today!

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Tips To Enhance Website Position

By: Allen Brown

Most of the people looking for products and services on the net, hunt for websites via major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Optimizing your website for higher search engine positioning is to allure mass to drive towards your website that is the likely to be your prospective buyer. To generate considerable traffic to your website it requires higher positioning in initial pages of search engines.

Here, I have given some key tips to dip you in the technical aspects available on the net to assist how to optimize your website.

The Title:
Whatever text you put in the title will reviewed in the reverse bar of browser when people view the web page. So, place suitable title according to your business and products.

Meta Tags:
You might be aware of Meta tags or using this on your current website. We will talk on the description tag.

Description tag:
Major search engines that support Meta tags will usually depict the description tag with the title in the results. Search engines many times hold entire Meta tag of the description field. The webmasters should keep in mind that that the description tags must be short to grab the attention of a user.

You should research deeply before finalizing keywords, as it is the most important factor in website optimization. Each keyword’s weight, rate, size, status and proximity all have an effect on the ranking. You should optimize all these key factors cautiously. Examining the top ten ranking website’s content and ranking factors will assist you to optimize your website. To find keywords, log on and

The content of your website should be informative that provides people come to acknowledged about new things or be interested in. This will result revisiting of the mass at your website. Try to make your content keywords rich to drive search engines to pick up your site. Use appropriate keywords according to your business or services you offer.

Create website sitemap:
Make complete site map of your website, contain all the links of main pages of your website. So the search engine robots could explore your entire website. To see example follow this link:

Publish articles and newsletter/press releases:
Writing and publishing is one of the best ways of marketing your website on internet. It helps to generate substantial traffics to your website. You can submit articles to e-zines, article directories, web sites and magazines that offer article submissions. Don’t forget to include your business information and contact address at the bottom of the article.

Article Directories,,,, etc. Use keyword ‘article submission’ in your search.

Press release sites,,, etc. Use keyword ‘free press release distribution’ in your search.

Post ads:
You can place your ads on free advertising and classified ad sites, free links sites, newsgroups, which offers ads posting.

The most effective method to make your pages important for the search engine crawlers, creating links to other sites with yours. It makes your website worthwhile for the search engines. The more links at website the more significant website is considered, and will be rewarded with higher page ranks.

However, not all links are considered valuable by the search engines. The search engine will consider links more valuable if they are from sites that are having higher page ranks and also offers similar area of interest as your website.

Use keyword ‘free link exchange’ in your search.

Submit Website to search Engines:
After optimizing you web site, its time to submit it to all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, after all for this only you have optimized your web site. There are many web-sites that provide manual free submission to almost all the main search engine. Use keyword ‘website submission’ in your search.

Submit to the directories:
Search engines and directories are different. Do not mix them up. Be very careful while submitting your website to a directory. Read the directory’s submission directions with full presence of mind. You can submit to directories like DMOZ and also paid directories like Yahoo. Use ‘web directory submission’ in search.

Regular inspection of website:
Once you achieve targeted page ranks and positions in search engine, don’t become lousy; after all it is not forever. You should keep an eye on your contenders’ activities. If you are not satisfied with search engine ranking results, you should optimize your website more to attain higher search engines ranking position.

This was brief description for optimizing websites. Very soon I am going to publish an informative series of articles on each of these key factors at

Author Bio
Allen Brown is a freelance writer for, the premier website to find thousands of free online articles related to various categories like science articles, health articles, feature articles, news articles, technology articles, management articles and more. He also freelances for

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