3 Types of People That Should Influence Your Website Design Choices

In the past, companies could get away with putting little to no effort into their website design. All it took was sending the right people to the right web page to get conversions. However, web design today requires more creativity to convince clients to choose your website over another. This is where the importance of knowing the best website design for your business matters. When you know what is important to your stakeholders, you can make design decisions more quickly. You can also feel a stronger sense of direction for your website. With this in mind, let’s go over three types of people that should influence your web design choices.


Though it may seem obvious, it’s important to create your website using a customer-oriented mindset. More than anything else, your website design should cater to making it easy for them to navigate the site. Friendly user experience for each customer is important to succeed in online marketing today. Apart from that, your web design should also make sure to include high-quality client service for questions or complaints. This will increase the chances that your website provides nothing short of useful and productive client experiences.


Your competitors are also important to keep in mind when designing your website. The idea behind considering the competition is that it highlights their weak spots and exposes areas where your site can gain a competitive advantage in design. The process is as simple as looking at competitor websites and seeing what they don’t have. After noticing what competitors have done well with their design, it’s not against the rules to add your spin to it for the benefit of your company.

Web Design Professionals

With how competitive the online space is today, asking for help should always be in your web design game plan. Proven professionals know what can be improved from both a general and specific standpoint. This is one of the main reasons why large businesses hire an entire team of them for all of their web design duties. Rest assured, you don’t need an entire team in most cases. Even just a consultation with a professional can be more valuable to your website than you think.

At the end of the day, you can’t forget that web design is not just about looking pretty. Instead, your focus on your design should be about getting customers to take action. Whether it’s getting their email, phone number, or any other information that’s helpful to your company, the goal should be long term client retention as opposed to getting as many quick website successes as possible.

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