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Find your perfect domain name

Be Creative
Make Full use of Both Sides of the "dot"

New Domains are shorter.
Make it

Shorten your URL by using keywords to the right of the dot with domains like .BLOG, .NEWS, or .ME.

short domain name
Memorable domain name
New Domains are easier to remember.
Make it

In a world of millions of .COMs, use domains like .NINJA, .ROCKS, or .MODA to make your website easier to remember.

New Domains describe who you are.
Make it

Describe your business or interests with extensions like .DENTIST, .VIDEO, or .BAND.

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Domain name that describe business

Your Online Presence
Without The Hassles

Not everybody is ready to have their own website. There are many other options for you to use your domain name. Register a domain like YourName.com with us and you can forward it to somewhere else on the Internet.

Make it Find a Job

Use domain for job application
Stand out in today’s job market

Point your personal domain to your LinkedIn profile, and put that address on your resume. Then recruiters know that you’re web savvy enough to control your personal brand. And besides, putting a personal domain on your resume is more professional than a LinkedIn address. As an added bonus, get yourself an email address that matches your domain, and you’ll be a step ahead of the competition.

Make it Earn Money

Domain for ecommerce
Point it to your Online Store

Everybody has some kind of side hustle today, and sometimes it’s as easy as setting up shop on Carousell or eBay. You can use your personal domain to point directly to those pages, eliminating steps for your customers. And the easier you make it for them, the more cash you can expect to come rolling in.

A domain name is an address for your website. It's how Internet users can easily type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. By having your own custom domain name you give your site a professional-looking branding and helps users easily find your website.

It's the first impression people get of you and your website. Choosing the best domain name is important.

All the best domain names are short, easy to remember and easy to type. It should reflect your brand or interest. Choose something that does not contain unnecessary words, hyphens and string of numbers. The best domain name is one that your visitors can type correctly on their first try.

A domain name is not just for a website. You can use it for emails, to make it more professional. You can also re-direct your domain name to an online store profile like Shopee or Carousell.

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