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What is an SSL Certificate?

A SSL/TLS Certificate has two main purpose. It encrypts the connections between clients (a wesite's visitors) and web servers (the server where the website is hosted on) by means of the SSL/TLS protocol. It also authenticates the identity of the organization or company that owns the certificate.

About SSl Certificates

What is Data Encryption?

At the point when a website visitor and a web server communicate, normally that data is out in the open and capable of being manipulated or intercepted by an outsider. For clear reasons, this isn't secure. An SSL/TLS Certificate creates a connection thats is encrypted, where all communication between the visitor and server is encoded such that only an authorized party can read it. This secures sensitive information and personal data being shared between the two.

SSL Data Encryption
SSL Authentication

What is Authentication?

As we have specified, a SSL/TLS Certificate serves two purpose. Firstly to encrypt communication between a site and its visitors. The second, authentication, offers verified data about the organization or company that owns the website to its visitors. Trust is significant on the web, and authentication provides your webpage's visitors with the certainty they have to do business with you.

Which SSL Certificate Is Best For Your Website?

Secure just One Website

If you simply need to secure just one website, we have an extensive range of affordably priced options. Domain Validated (DV) certificates are fundamental SSL products which are typically the least expensive in cost. These quick and simple certificates can be issued in just several minutes, as the Certificate Authority (CA) just needs to confirm that the individual getting the certification owns the domain they need to cover.


SSL Single Website
SSL Multi Website

Secure Multiple Websites

Rather than obtaining and managing multiple SSL certificates for multiple websites, you can easily secure each one of your domains with just one Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL certificate. Multi-Domain certificates can cover a number of domains with only a single certificate. Different multi-domain certificates can cover different number of total domains, therefore it varies by product. Our range of Multi-Domain SSL Certificates cover anywhere from 1-100 added domain names.


Secure one website & ALL

Let's say you have a number of sub-domains associated with your site. Maybe a mail server ( and a store area (, for example. You'll love Wildcard SSL certificates. You no longer need to purchase an SSL for each and every sub domain, one wildcard SSL certificate is enough to cover them all. Save cost and make it easy to manage you SSL.


SSL Wildcard

Reliable security with organizational validation

Organization Validated certificates, or OV certificates, offers up to 256-bit encryption to sites of registered organisation and businesses. The contrast between OV certificates and domain validated (DV) certificates is that some additional reviewing (vetting) is required to affirm that you own your domain as well as that your organisation is legitimate. Be that as it may, don't worry! As long as your business is registered, the approval procedure isn't an issue. In most cases, it just takes two or three days and you'll be good to go.


Increase visitors' confidence & boost conversion

Look at some of the websites you trust and use regularly (PayPal, DBS, Facebook)... see that green address bar with the company's name displayed in it, that's an Extended Validation SSL certificate, EV SSL. Not only does it encrypts your website, EV SSL has been proven to INCREASE TRUST, reduce phishing attacks and even BOOST SALES. For any businesses where the website is an essential part of success, an EV SSL certificate is a MUST!


EV SSL Green Bar

Only the most recognised SSL certificates in the world

Symantec SSL

Symantec SSL/TLS Certificates

Premium security solutions from a brand the world knows and trusts, Symantec is the most respected name in web security.

GeoTrust SSL

GeoTrust SSL Certificates

One of the oldest, most widely respect names in web security, GeoTrust offers a full portfolio of security products for companies of all sizes.


RapidSSL Certificates

With a fully-automated issuance process and a name people trust, RapidSSL sells lightning fast security solutions at incredible prices.

Thawte SSL

Thawte SSL Certificates

The world's first international CA, Thawte sells a wide range of security solutions at prices that fit any company's budget.

Certum SSL

Certum SSL Certificates

Poland's oldest and largest CA, Certum has international reach and specializes in certification services related to electronic signatures.

Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL Certificates

The fastest growing Certificate Authority in the web security industry, Comodo is bound to have an ideal security solution for every budget.

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