Pay with Credit Card using your phone.

 Thursday, July 22, 2021

For added convenience, you can now securely pay for your invoice simply by calling our phone number.

To pay with Credit Card via phone:

  1. Call 3138 4600 (Singapore) or +65 3138 4600 (Overseas)
  2. On menu prompt, Press 8
  3. Enter the Invoice Number followed by (example, {$invoice_num}#)
  4. Wait for the system to retrieve your invoice details, Press 1 to confirm
  5. Enter your Credit Card Number
  6. Enter your Credit Card Expiration Date (format MMYY)
  7. Enter your Billing Postal Code (make sure the postal code is linked to your credit card)
  8. Enter your Credit Card CVV (3 digit security code at the back of your credit card)


Once your payment has been verified, we will send you a confirmation email.


Our phone payment system is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 compliant — the most rigorous certification level available. No credit card information is stored on our system, it is simply relayed securely to the payment gateway provider, Stripe, for processing.

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