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Adding an Email Forward

2018-07-09 04:56

Free Email Service needs to be activated before you can manage it.

  1. Proceed to Manage Mail Hosting. Learn How
  2. Click on Create Forwarder.
    Manage Mail Forward
  3. Provide the following details and click Create Forwarder:

    • When a mail arrives at: Provide any user such as sales, support, YourName, etc..

    • Forward to: Provide one or more destination email addresses, each on a separate line.


    • You may have forwarded to
    • Similarly you could have a copy of emails received at forwarded to several people by specifying their email addresses on separate lines.

If you want to forward all emails coming to any user on your domain name, you can create a Catch-All Account by following the instructions on Adding a Catch-All Account.

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